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Growing up in a middle class town in the southern region of New Jersey, one thing that always seemed to be on my mind was trying to figure out my purpose in life. As far back as I can remember, before I even attended grade school, I recall the moment when I first asked myself the question of “what am I supposed to be”. One day, my dad came through the front door, curious as to where he was all day I asked him where he had been, He replies “I’ve been at work”. And after I asked him what “work” was he told me work is where he went to pay the bills in the house. And I then asked “so you just go to work for the rest of your life and that’s it”? After he had told me “yes”, as crazy and cheesy as this may sound, with God as my witness, I then remember saying to myself, there has to be more to life, and I have to figure out what my purpose is.



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